Favours meaningful, partipative, low-tech approaches in architecture and design.

Slow architecture


Over 200 years of history undergoing it first major renovation. Building permit documents were developped by hauser+marti AG, after which hyphen kicked in, fully collaborating with the owner, on the planning and administrative aspects as well as hands on construction. One year of architectural accompaniment during which many drawn plans were rendered obsolete through organised excahnges with the contractors and intense on-site presence. 

Kitchen re-use 


5 francs. That is the cost of a kitchen carcass on its way to a new life. Some paint, some wood, some sweat alongside relevant energy efficient appliances and its time to cook again.


2022  CONCEPT & CONTRUCTION  COLLABORATION with Lucid↗, co-co-co↗, TBF+Partner↗ and more

The Zweirad-Celsius is a mobile studio, equipped with material for foster exchange and ideas around various environmental and sustainability topics. In the course of the first expedition, the Zweirad-Celsius stops at schools with experts, educators and designers to bring  environmental issues closer to the participating children and young adults.

In the workshops, people learn to develop and implement ideas and concepts on their own and are encouraged  to become pioneers:in their own everyday lives: Discover what concrete clues, challenges and solutions they can find in their everyday lives and in their world of experience. Our pioneers are challenged to learn, develop and implement problem-solving approaches.

hyphen develops slowly and ongoingly the vehicle’s equipment to answer the needs of the educators and participants.

MORE INFO: Zweirad-Celcius↗