The hyphen (‐) is a punctuation mark used to join […], and to separate […]. 

Uniting social interactions with relevant, desired and specific living environments. In public, shared or private realms. 

Balanced between experimentation, design and implementation, hyphen develops visions for ecological and humane living spaces. 

Hyphen designs, organises, accompanies and executes the building of physical spaces and installations, as well as the elaboration of immaterial processes, aplying an open and collaborative work process and favoring low-tech solutions which allow participative implementation.

We aim to work on projects focusing on small living spaces and shared spaces, ecological concepts and sustainable processes, community and self-reflection. We build houses and flats, create public installations, curate participative events and design processes which entail elements of space and interaction.

Behind Hyphen is a duo; an interaction designer and an architect. Architecture and design are wonderful tools to reflect and develop a common culture of living. We dream of a fairer and less capital-driven world in which people themselves help to shape and to engage in the spaces in which they live. In everything we do, we strive to promote and strengthen the community ties in an ecologically and socially sustainable way.

Mona Neubauer is a designer and neurobiologist. Her work focuses on co-creation, social design, participation, learning processes and an ecologically and socially sustainable shared culture created through design. She is a partner at Lucid, co-founder of co-co-co, co-founder of Hyphen, co-initiator of the Designathon project and teaches as a lecturer at the ZHdK.

Alex Bradley is a licensed architect from ETH Zürich. His thoughts constantly revolve around new forms of living. He is interested in small-scale living, communal living and how affordable and ecological living space can be created through appropriate design and living concepts. He was working as an art producer and architect before founding hyphen. 
CH-8003 Zürich