2017  Concept  COLLABORATION with Dorian Bürgy and Alexander Forslund

Winteraction is a thought experiment: What if more usable public space was available in winter?The public infrastructure in Switzerland is generally very good: there are parks, public piazzas, bathing infrastructure and much more. But like in many other northern countries, winters are long, cold and humid. If you are looking for non-commercial and free activities on a cold and wet winter day, the offer is limited. Hence the question: Where to go in winter? The efforts of cities to create and maintain quality outdoor spaces should not suddenly stop at the end of autumn. Winteraction strives to imagine solutions to make existing outdoor spaces and infrastructure usable in winter as well as recognise the difficulties met by cities to implement them. This self-initiated project tries to illustrate some ideas and create a demand from the citizens.

The project was developed within 36 hours at a design hackathon in Zurich.↗