Wash house restoration with low-tech wood heating
With Haltmeier Kister Architektur GmbH

              From within the firm Haltmeier Kister Architektur, Alex managed, planned and executed the renovation of a small wash house in Zürich Altstetten.

              Instead of a financially rational demolition, the small wash house underwent a complete renovation, preserving the rural history and identity of the site. A important structural challenge in order to accommodate two small two-story apartments. The focus was given on a good insulation and a single wood pellet stove per unit as only heating source.

              For the neighbouring community, the shared outside spaces were to be revalued by an extensive landscape project, thus bringing together two farmhouse buildings as well as the new wooden apartment building - Schneebeliweg - freshly erected by Haltmeier Kister Architektur

Photos: Lukas Schaffhuser