Pavilion of

The pavilion of cooperation.
With Studio Tom Emerson

              The Pavilion of Reflections was a collective and collaborative process: from conception and design process to prototyping and building in the public space. Alex was part of a self-organized group of 30 students which carried the project over 10 months.
              The floating island, which was commissioned by the art biennial Manifesta to the ETH Studio Tom Emerson, stood at a prominent location on Lake Zurich and was intended for public documentary film screenings. It was conceived as a public piazza and a place of encounter. It offered visitors a unique view of the city, the opportunity to swim and have a drink at the bar.

              The cooperation and self-organisation needed to bring the project together was the real challenge. A long process of organising, designing, deciding, reorganising, testing, prefabricating and building. The final satisfaction lying more on the success of the design process itself: the pavilion of cooperation.

Photos Credits: Arthur de Buren, Claartje Vuurmans, Alexander Bradley