Conceives and implements at the crossing of architecture and interaction design.
Favours meaningful goals, low-tech solutions, slow and partipative processes. 

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Conceives and implements conceptual, spatial and interactive interventions. Favours meaningful goals, slow and partipative processes, low-tech solutions.

Pavilion of Reflections

The pavilion of cooperation
With Studio Tom Emerson
The Pavilion of Reflections was a collective and collaborative process: from conception and design process to prototyping and building in the public space. Alex was part of a self-organized group of 30 students which carried the project over 10 months.The floating island, which was commissioned by the art biennial Manifesta to the ETH Studio Tom Emerson, stood at a prominent location on Lake Zurich and was intended for public documentary film screenings. It was conceived as a public piazza and a place of encounter. It offered visitors a unique view of the city, the opportunity to swim and have a drink at the bar.
The cooperation and self-organisation needed to bring the project together was the real challenge. A long process of organising, designing, deciding, reorganising, testing, prefabricating and building. The final satisfaction lying more on the success of the design process itself: the pavilion of cooperation.
Photos: Studio Tom Emerson, Johan Dehlin, Claartje Vuurmans.

Pavilion of Reflections - Manifesta 11 from Tom Emerson on Vimeo.