Janus, der Magnet & die Pixel: proposal for a village piazza– 2020
Revitalising the contemporary suburban village piazza

The key to an attractive village square? The people who visit it. The goal is therefore to attract...and invite to stay!

Janus and its faces
A square's two given stay qualities that should be strengthened: The everyday on the western village axis: playing, meeting, lingering and the connection to the public transportation. The festive on the spatially defined community square: concerts, open-air cinemas or markets - they take place on the flexibly playable area in front of the community center.

The pavilion as a magnet
An excellent gastronomic offer in the pavilion, which radiates warmth, attracts residents. Commuters also pause: the village square is to be strengthened as a mobility and traffic hub.

The pixels and their infrastructure
Whether playground element, pergola, ground marking, viewing platform, bench, pétanque field or plant beds - the pixels are to be seen as flexible and expandable containers that can take on a simple or complex shape. They lead towards and away from the village square.