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Guerrilla-Citizen: Kornhausforum - Coming soon - Autumn 2021

Guerrilla-Citizen was selected to participate at an upcoming  exhibition project on the new understanding of public spheres and urban spaces, organised by the Kornhausforum Bern.

In autumn 2021, we look back on a worldwide change in social coexistence and also look to the future: has the Corona pandemic changed our understanding of the public? How do we want to live together in the future? How do we change and strengthen the perception, appropriation and resilience of our public spaces? Where can innovative spatial concepts and artistic interventions enable new awareness and quality for encounters and urban interaction?

The cooperation with the Commission for Art in Public Spaces of the City of Bern makes it possible to realise projects in the outdoor space in Bern in addition to the exhibition inside the Kornhausforum, which Guerrilla-Citizen will fully make use of!

Discover more about Guerrilla-Citizen here.