Design Bus

2021  CONCEPT  COLLABORATION with Lucid↗ and Andrea Kuster↗

The Design Bus is a mobile platform creating inspiring learning spaces where the mediation of design skills is used to explore socially relevant future topics. Through various fields such as Design Thinking, Creative Technologies, physical computing, Rapid Prototyping, Do-It-Yourself culture, visual arts and Design, it supports schools, youth and community centers, organizes project weeks and thereby empowers children and young people to design. These artistic and technological areas are united by a conscious personal transformation of young people from consumers to actor and its emancipatory approach: «I can do it myself». This thinking does not remain in the Design Bus, it radiates into society.The «Design Bus» spun-off into the project «Zweirad-Celcius↗».

Sketches: Jonas Scheiwiller/Lucid↗