Conceives and implements at the crossing of architecture and interaction design.
Favours meaningful goals, low-tech solutions, slow and partipative processes. 

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Conceives and implements conceptual, spatial and interactive interventions. Favours meaningful goals, slow and partipative processes, low-tech solutions.

Small straw house

Design project & permit plans for private client

Building a small house with a low carbon footprint, an economic use of energy as well as material ressources. The process celebrates an immense learning opportunity for all parties.A retiring couple wishes to down-size and thus simplify everyday life. The desire to use natural and ecological materials - locally sourced when possible - is strong. Replacing an existing garage, a small hay house is being planned. Heated solely by a wood pellet stove, the technical infrastructure is kept simple. The roof is fully covered in solar panels and the rain water is stored and used for toilets, laundry and exterior watering.

Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

Participative process for rethinking workplace culture
with Lucid

For a relatively big -bottom up- company, Lucid had to design the participative process in which the workplace culture would be rethought and translated into their office space, a series of historic buildings in the city of Zürich as well as propose a modular series of furniture. 

Sketches: Jonas Scheiwiller @

Tiny house input + collective designing

Lecture & collective designing
Event series «Lucid Lab Workshop» initiated by Lucid

Description coming soon 


Assistance with set-up of shared ateliers in shed halls 

Role played in negociating lease for industrial hall in which a culturally active group set-up shared work space and co-developped concepts for sharing and using the big shed hall. 

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